PTFE Sealing Lips For Seals
PTFE sealing lips are PTFE compound discs that are mechanically formed to a diameter slightly smaller than the shaft. The forming of the lip creats a shape that takes advantage of the hoop strength of the PTFE compound discs. This hoop strength provides the load that is critical for low or no pressure applications to obtain a positive seal.

The sealing element typically has a smooth surface contacting the shaft. For applications sealing liquid at below 0.1Mpa, a hydrodynamic spiral feature can be machined into the surface of the sealing element to provide a positive pumping action to drive fluid away from the air side of the seal.It is critical to match the seal to the shaft rotation to ensure positive sealing. The hydrodynamic spiral feature have three kind,Single start,Double start and Triple start.Direction of rotation:CCW or CW.
As we konw, PTFE surface can adhere with other material after etching PTFE surface. We have Automatic etched PTFE surface machine,can etch 100000pcs PTFE lips each day.


  • Use of O-Rings in high pressure applications
  • Use of O-Ring materials with a low hardness
  • Compensation of radial sealing gaps
  • Use for internal and external sealing applications - Reciprocating and rotating movements possible
  • Compensation for large temperature fluctuations
  • Static and dynamic applications

Sealing Lips Material Selection

  • 01LP1001

    Premium grade virgin PTFE for static, slow-dynamic or light-duty application. Also for food-contact service requiring FDA approval.

    - Color:white

  • 02LP2030

    Highly wear resistant in fast-rotary service and on hardened shafts in well-lubricated rotary service.

    - Color:Dark grey

  • 03LP5010

    Highly wear resistant in fast-rotary service and on hardened shafts in well-lubricated rotary service.

    Color:Dark grey

  • 04LP3020

    Low coeffication of friction and excellent wear resistance combined with low surface pressure.

    Color: black

  • 05LP8030

    Good wear resistant in fast-rotary applications. Less abrasive to soft shaft and in poorly-lubricated service.

  • 06LP7090

    Excellent wear resistance in gases,air,water and vacuum.Low abrasion to dynamic surface. Suitable for high speed.

Fields Of Application

  • Injection Moulding Machines

  • Valves For Hydraulic Circuits

  • Excavators

  • Agricultural machines

PTFE Sealing Element Types

  • Smooth surface PTFE Lips

  • Hydrodynamic spiral feature

  • Etched PTFE Lips

  • Single strat hydrothread CCW/CW

  • Double strat hydrothread CCW/CW

  • Triple start hydrothread CCW

  • Triple start hydrothread CW

  • Two-way direction

  • PTFE sealing lip integrated with Dustproof lip