NPRS Seals
NPRS is a rotary lip seal that feaatures an ID lip that seals dynamically on a shaft and an elastomeric O-ring on its OD to seal statically in a bore. Since the lip is not spring energized, the radial lip contact forces are lower, which allows the seal to function at much higher surface speeds(up to 5000s sfpm).

The seals are manufactured form a wide variety of PTFE composites and other machinable plastic materials.Standard O-ring choices are fluorocarbon, silicone, nitrile and EPDM. This broad foundation of sstandard Oring and PTFE materials can be tailored to suit nearly all applications. Standard and Non-standard profiles are precision machined to fit inch-fractional and metric gland geometries. The design id extremely versatile because the seal is machined from a molded PTFE sleeve.QuanSeal NPRS are used in demanding applications where the operationg conditions exceed the capabilties of elastomeric seals.


  • QuanSeal PTFE lip seals solve difficult applications which are not addressed by conventional elastomer seals. We exceed the performance of elastomer lip seals in the following areas.
  • QuanSeal PTFE lip seals provides the designer a significant improvement in performance over elastomer lip seals at a much lower cost than the mechanical face seal.
  • Lower friction Generates less torque - Less heat - requires less power.
    Has extended seal life in dry or abrasive media, capable of pressures to 6Mpa.
  • Aggressive media resistance, Capable of surface speeds to 35m/s, Works to temperature extreme(-100 to +250℃).
    For food or pharmaceutical industry, it can be used in food or pharmaceutical industry.


  • 01WLD

    Dual Primary Lips Oil Seal.Operating conditions: Corrosive medium, low pressure, low leakage system.

  • 02WLH

    "Hook", Primary Lip.Operating conditions: Corrosive medium, low pressure,abrasive media

  • 03WLT

    Dual Primary Lips w/Excluder Lip Oil Seal.Operating conditions:Low pressure, low leakage system, corrosive medium.

  • 04WL

    Formed Primary Lip Multipurpose Seal.Operating conditions:Low pressure, high speed, corrosive medium, multi-purpose seal.

  • 05WLP

    Primary Lip Energized with Garter Spring

  • 06WLSH

    "Hook", Primary Lip w / Excluder Lip.Operating conditions: Low pressure, corrosive and abrasive media

  • 07WLS

    Formed Primary Lip w / Excluder Lip.Operating conditions: Corrosive medium, antidust, multi-purpose seal.

  • 08WLL

    Machined Primary Lip / Low Friction. Operating conditions: Corrosive medium, low radial force, velocity, low pressure.

Fields Of Application

QuanSeal PTFE lips rotary shaft oil sreal iswidely used in chemical industry, aerospace, military, automobile industry, food industry and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, it can also be used in industrial equipment such as papermaking equipment, radar equipment, molding equipment and mixing equipment.